Working at SocialTap

Picture of people from SocialTap friendly chatting around a table

If creating market ads that make an impact and get results set your pulse racing, imagine working for an ad agency that gives you the freedom to bring your ideas to the table and actually values what you do.

Stop imagining — come and work for SocialTap.

At SocialTap, we believe in giving you a working environment that allows your creative juices to flow. So, you’ll never work 15-hour days, 6-days a week; that’s bullshit and only leads to burnout. Instead, we make sure you have a work-life balance that makes you want to get up and come to work in the morning.


Because if you’re happy, rested and fulfilled, you’re going to do great work. And if you’re allowed to do that, our clients will get shit-hot marketing campaigns that’ll impact their businesses massively.

SocialTap is a brilliant place to work — so what are you waiting for?


What you get

  • Great responsibility from day one - the opportunity to make a real difference
  • Regular team social events
  • 2 Hours "Me Time" per week. Go shopping, get your hair done, do whatever you want with your 2 hours per week
  • Complimentary Therapy sessions and support from qualified therapists through Spill
  • Weekly training sessions
  • We commit to providing you with whatever time, money, resource to constantly broaden your skillset
  • Flexible working including optional Work From Home/On-Site flexibility
  • 25 Holidays a year plus bank holidays
  • Take your Birthday off on us
  • Rural office location
  • Pension scheme
  • Competitive salary plus generous bonus scheme
  • We have lots of fun! Every day!