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Are you fed up with poor performance from your Facebook, Instagram and TikTok marketing campaigns?

Acquiring traffic or leads is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, an advert without research, strategy, data analysis & reporting will only get you so far.

In the past 4 years, we have generated more than £100 million of converted sales for our clients - So we know a thing or two about what it takes to get results and the actions required to get there.

Most importantly; we focus on the number that matters ROI.

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Our results speak for themselves

Facebook ads have the power to drive traffic to your business, convert leads and increase sales. But if your marketing agency is solely focusing on Social Media Ads alone, chances are you’re not reaching your full earning potential.

If inconsistent results and poor-quality leads are the banes of your life, it is likely you are missing a trick. Let our team open the doors to a new level of success!


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Our Recipe For Great Results

No smoke and mirrors, just great results.


By understanding your audience’s specific needs, we plan and execute tailored strategies to engage and convert your ideal customers.


Beyond aesthetics – we harness insights and testing for designs that yield maximum engagement and conversions.

Paid Social

Experts in the industry - using our experience to create optimised campaigns & creative strategies to get the best possible results!

Data Analysis

We make it our business to get to know your ideal clients; allowing us to make the best and most profitable decisions for you!

CRM Marketing

Nurturing your leads and building trust & relationships with your customers. Helping convert your past leads into future customers.

Customer Journeys

Continuous review and data-driven optimisation of the user journey from first impression to sale.

Case Studies

Success Stories

Awards and accolades are great, but what we're most proud of is the results we get for out clients, which speak for themselves.

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Client type:

Paid Social, Data Analysis, Design

Services provided:

Paid Social, Data Analysis, Design

A 4-Year Partnership

Growth from £2.4 Million to £15 Million in Financed Vehicles

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Business type:


Client type:

Paid Social

Services provided:

Paid Social

+11.9% increase in ticket sales

Social Media Campaigns that helped them achieve some impressive results

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Business type:


Client type:

Paid Social, Design, Data Analysis

Services provided:

Paid Social, Design, Data Analysis

Over £1 million in car sales commission

48% approval rate & a 15% website conversion rate

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Business type:


Client type:

Paid Social, Email Marketing, Design, Data Analysis

Services provided:

Paid Social, Email Marketing, Design, Data Analysis

£4.2 Million In Ticket Sales

Reaching 11 million people, with 84,000 followers and 70 million impressions so far.

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We’ll find out more about your business and determine whether we are the right fit to take your marketing strategy to the next level!

We’re the only Facebook Ad Agency that does all of this for you...

No smoke and mirrors, just great results

Build, manage and optimise ad campaigns

We test multiple audiences, creatives, ad copies and bid strategies to see what delivers the best results. And we do this from scratch for all your ad campaigns.

Write customer-focused, targeted ad copy

Our team research your ideal buyer, and business, creating messaging to find your audience and turn them into paying clients. It’s what all agencies should do, we just do it meticulously.

Implementing an in-depth tracking process

Our data analyst lives & breathes data. We use Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, CRM/DMS and advanced techniques, like UTM parameters. We track everything, so you understand which ads and campaigns are working (from a ROI perspective)

Creating attention-grabbing, tailored ads

We use images and videos, customised to fit several platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. Making potential clients stop mid-scroll to check out what you do is our speciality. We have professional designers who are working solely on creatives all day, every day!

Generate easy-to-read, meaningful reports

Our reports are filled with the important information needed to understand the great job we’re doing, and where we are making improvements. This information means you can make informed decisions that will grow your business. No fluff. No nonsense.

Create and optimise landing pages

We work with you to ensure your landing pages deliver results. Identifying and implementing ways to remove issues with application forms, increasing conversion rates, and getting you better returns from your investment.


What are businesses saying about us?

Just like any business, our customers are our best sales people. Here are some reviews from those who had nice things to say about us!

“Over the past 12 month’s SocialTap have played a key part in helping the business achieve some strong results. We’d like to thank you and your team for their hard work and dedication whilst managing our Paid Social campaigns. Your expertise, creativity and commitment have contributed significantly to the brand's online presence and growth.”

Match Me

"Jon and his team have been extremely supportive and understanding of our business, and more importantly, our industry they are a pleasure to deal with and nothing is too much trouble. Having SocialTap at the end of the phone gives us complete flexibility to be able to change our Marketing spend our strategy, at the click of our fingers"

LUV Financial Services

“Big thank you for another great campaign. The whole structure and planning brought the event to a new level. Many thanks for all the new ideas, SocialTap has helped us to become the No.1 event of our kind. Many, many thanks, and believe the Christmas campaign will be just as successful!”

Magical Woodland

What we do

What can we do for your business?

Working with SocialTap provides a unique service. you have access to a wide range of marketing professionals under one roof! with streamlined processes, efficient communication, & transparent results; all optimised for the success of your business. We all work together for a shared desired outcome- your business growth, turning ambitious financial targets into tangible results.

Generate Meaningful Reports

The proof is in the pudding, right? So we put our money where our mouth is! Providing full transparency about the results of your campaigns, we have spent time and money creating automated tracking systems for us to efficiently provide you with an in-depth analysis of the results. Data is golden; that’s why our data analyst's role in SocialTap is paramount to our success.

Build Manage and Optimise Campaigns

Facebook Ads have the power to drive traffic to your business, convert leads and increase sales. But if your Marketing Agency isn’t utilising data to learn about your business and your customers, chances are you’re wasting money on inconsistent results and poor-quality leads. Ads don’t run themselves either, so having your personal Account Manager will ensure your growth is accelerated.

Write Customer Focussed Copy

We are experts in writing compelling copy, targetting your ideal customer and making it completely obvious why they want to buy from you. Whether we are writing an organic post, a Facebook ad, an email or even a text, copywriting is a skill that takes time to perfect. Time that you likely don’t have! Don’t waste time trying to learn a new skill when we are ready and waiting to help you get in front of your competitors.

Implement In-Depth Tracking Process

Our automated & interactive reports allow you to visualise & track results easily with full transparency. Know exactly where your leads are coming from with a traceable link back to the origin of the customer. When we know what is working well, it makes the decision on where to spend money easy. No guesswork, no doubts- just working from facts. Saving time & efficiency, making our decision-making more profitable for you.

Design, Build And Optimise Landing Pages

We design and develop optimised websites and landing pages that convert! We ensure they are set up so that we can analyse user data and activity across landing pages to provide the best user experience and optimise for conversions.

Create And Optimise Attention Grabbing Ads

Designing your digital shop window by creating professional advertisements. Optimised to increase brand awareness, and click-through rate, improving conversions. We take your USP and make your business irresistible to your audience. Getting the right eyes on your product/service & converting potential interest to tangible results!