Why get subprime car finance leads using social media

If you're in the automotive industry with a business that needs increased brand awareness and lead generation, but you're not sure how to accomplish that. You've come to the right place.

We are a digital social media marketing agency working with car finance brokers and car dealers, utilising the power of social media to drive growth and empower your automotive brand. We help our clients generate subprime car finance leads by offering our marketing expertise and solutions in the auto industry.

Interested on how social media can benefit you? Keep on reading for more.

What are subprime car loans?

These types of loans are given by lenders to people that have a not-so-good record in repaying their loan on time. A borrower is usually labelled subprime because of their bad credit history, or their non-existent credit history or even bankruptcy in the past.

The risk with lending car finance to people with bad credit is that they might be unable to pay off the car loan in the long-run because they don't understand what a loan process entails, and fail to repay it in the end. Failing to repay your loan can do more damage than good as it can lead to hurting your credit score further and being declined finance in the future.

However, even though there is a risk in subprime car lending, there is no official threshold that classifies borrowers or loans as subprime but it has turned into a special market that some businesses use for their advantage. And you should too!

We will show you how you can use social media, like Facebook, to achieve increased leads from the subprime car finance industry.

The benefits of using social media for car finance leads

Lead generation couldn't be any more specific

Social media is THE place to find the right crowd looking for car finance and to showcase your ads online. These channels can generate a lot of traffic and leads to your business, in a few clicks, leading them to an informative landing page.

Through social media, you are able to tailor your campaigns to specific target markets and to specific people and businesses. Really? Really!

As we discussed previously, your target market are people who have a troubled credit history and are seeking car finance.

In fact, 95% of car buyers go online first to access information rather than phone the car dealership.

As a car finance broker, for example, you should move online too, to attract these vehicle buyers who might have issues with car financing, or might look for car finance after.

What happens next is that leads are more specific to your target audience because you use the right platform and the one they use too.

Brand awareness goes up

It is true that brand awareness skyrockets on social media, if you do it right. The online world is very powerful as it is fast and can reach anyone in the world. So imagine how you can utilise that space for your own car brokerage, and the possible benefits. Simply by bringing your business at the forefront of the right people's minds.

Brand awareness is the holy grail of advertising for your car finance brokerage online, and engaging with customers who are interested in this particular service. You are more visible online when you utilise social channels and when you interact with your customers more.

Social media does that for you.

Collecting relevant data helps your efforts further

A great tip that we always follow in this agency is to track data and utilise it for our campaigns on social media. Data is key when you want to move online, and it is of great help.

It's not only great for effective campaigns but also to keep track of your customers and traffic. You need to ensure that your traffic aligns with your ideal lead that you want to attract to your business. In this case, your traffic should align with subprime borrowers looking for car finance.

Being aware of who your people are should be your priority as a business owner in the automotive industry, because if you notice that your target market has slightly changed and your traffic is not ideal - according to the demographic data - this is an indication for you to do an internal audit and look at what you put out as a company.

Look at the content you provide to your customers and whether it's relevant; look at whether the messaging on social media has slightly changed and does not align with your brand messaging anymore; look at the data and analyse it. Your answers are there.

Collecting relevant data helps your efforts further as you track the traffic coming from your social channels on your website and analyse who they are and what type of service they're looking for. Then you create service ads and campaigns relevant to that target audience, that is specific to car finance. Seems logical, right?

The data collected from your socials is very important and helps your efforts more.

The list of benefits can go on and on, but we'll keep it short and sweet. We hope you find this useful. As it was said, social media is a great channel for your marketing efforts and for subprime car finance lead generation.

If you need a bit of help with that, you know where to find us!

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