What a facebook marketing agency can do for you

You are looking for a marketing agency specialising in Facebook ads, right?

If you're a car finance broker or car dealer in search for an experienced agency in Facebook marketing, you've come to the right place.

Social Tap has helped many of its clients in the motor trade achieve their business objectives and increase their leads, and you can now learn how we do it too!

Let us show you how Social Tap does Facebook advertising

We create a Facebook ad strategy for you after market and audience research

Firstly, we pride ourselves in the research we do before planning your ad strategy. It is really important that we are aware of the environment you are trading in as well as your competitors. Competitor analysis is fundamental to understand what they are doing right and how they are executing their marketing initiatives.

We also focus on your target audience. We really want to have a clear picture of who your customers are, to create targeted ads that they'll find relevant. We come up with customer personas depending on the data we acquire from our ad campaigns, to get an idea of what these customers are looking for and what exactly their pain is. When we recognise and find answers to these questions, we are able to create an ad that showcases a solution to your customer's problem, enticing them to click.

Market and audience research is essential for any automotive business before strategising for an ad campaign, in order to evaluate and analyse the external environment the business is performing in, and to give you a competitive advantage.

Create and manage your ad campaigns

We not only create unique and targeted Facebook ad campaigns, but we also track, manage and report them to you.

Building an ad on social media is not as straightforward as it seems. When business owners create ads without analysing the data and continuously optimising their campaigns, they tend to miss out on the benefits of doing so. It is not only about creating the copy, uploading product images when creating an ad - it is so much more than that.

Before building your ad, we evaluate your business objectives in order to align those goals with your ad goals and achieve maximum engagement. We also ensure that we are targeting the right audience. As explained previously, we use the data acquired during our research and create ads that specifically attract your ideal customer.

We don't stop there though.

Constantly track and analyse the data and revise our approach

We live and breathe data. Acquiring and analysing it, is our number one priority as a reputable agency. This is because data can really show you what works well and what doesn't, saving you time and money in the long-run.

The data we acquire from the Facebook ad campaigns helps us optimise the campaigns we build for you. It is a very crucial step in your Facebook marketing strategy, because only when you test various audiences and bidding strategies or revised ad copy, you are also able to see tangible results back. Consumer behaviour is ever-changing, and you need your ads to adapt too.

Write ad copy and source the images

The content of your ad is also very important.

For example, most car dealerships fail to sell enough cars each month because their listing is not creative enough to attract the attention of potential buyers. Effort is needed and attention to the finer details even for a simple automotive ad.

As a professional advertising agency, our experienced copywriters will take care of your ad copy, ensuring that the ad speaks both your brand message as well as the service you want us to advertise. The creatives in our team take care of the imagery.

As explained previously, by taking into consideration the data we always review and optimise the messaging and copy of your ads as we strive to increase engagement, clicks and click-through rates.

We assist with your landing pages

A relevant and clear landing page will certainly increase conversion rates and consequently drive growth.

How a landing page works is that it attracts targeted traffic that lands on that specific campaign page from an email, ad or other digital platform. This landing page is built in order to briefly introduce the business and its services, and convince the new lead to engage with the website further with the potential to purchase.

A landing page is a clever method of advertising and attracting leads.

For better overall results and progress with your Facebook Ads, don't hesitate to contact us!

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