The Power Of A Thank You Page 💪

Having no thank you page, or a poor quality thank you page, is like going on a drive and forgetting your keys. You aren’t getting anywhere anytime soon.

Many car finance brokers and dealerships will underestimate the power and importance of a thank you page.

A thank you page is the first part of your customer’s post-application communication journey, start this journey off right!

If you are happy with your thank you page holding no real value then you need to check yourself. Placing some thought into the design and feel of your thank you page could result in increasing your application to payout conversion rate from 1.5% to 5%. It is all about engagement and strong communication.

The goal of a thank you page is to:

  1. Inform applicants on the next steps.
  2. Get applicants excited about the possibility of driving a new car.
  3. Push applicants to optin into a Facebook Messenger Chatbot or calling you directly.

You can actually give the sense of the applicant getting approved whilst still remaining compliant with the FCA guidelines.

For example, you could say:

  1. Your application is looking good!
  2. You're only a few steps away from driving your dream car!
  3. Congratulations! We have received your application and you could be driving your dream car in 48 hours!

Giving the idea of acceptance, whilst remaining compliant, will not only generate excitement but will urge applicants to call you rather than you having to call them.

It is industry knowledge that car finance brokers and dealerships struggle with contact rates.

One main reason why industry leaders like; Match Me Car Finance, CarMoney or Car Finance 24/7 do so well is because of the communications process they have in place, which again, starts at their thank you page.

Some will get an indication on the timeframe to when the applicant needs a new car. Some will clearly explain the next steps. Some will gain a timeframe indication, explain the next steps and push applicants towards optin into a Facebook Messenger Chatbot or ‘ Call Now’ button. 

These industry leaders may still struggle with contact rates but at a minimal level compared to those not using a thankyou page correctly.

So in conclusion and thank you page can kick ass, if you play your cards right.


Just give us a call, that's probably easier :)

This does come in handy with your approval percentage, it's all like a well-oiled machine. So give our last blog a read, it was written by Alex.

Hope you enjoyed this little quick read!

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Written By Callum Naylor

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