Meet your new best friend, Retargeting

Today, we explain everything you need to know about Retargeting, and why everyone should be doing it, especially car dealers and finance brokers.

Retargeting is the key method that will take your conversion rates, and inevitably shoot them up!

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Today I'm going to talk to you about retargeting, in particular, why retargeting is going to be your best friend for the next couple of months. 

Now, just to give this video some context, we're five weeks into lockdown in the UK, and whether you've been running any paid marketing over the last five or six weeks or not, I can guarantee that your website has still been generating visitors, and people have still been visiting your Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, viewing your content. 

So you've been generating interest. 

You might have even still been generating inquiries for people purchasing cars and finance applications. It's really important now to switch that retargeting tap on, and I'll tell you for why.

Now, people have been looking into cars for the last five or six weeks, you know, people have been sat at home and they've been bored, they've needed stuff to look forward to, and people will have been visiting your website. 

If you don't now start to retarget that traffic, you might have done the hard work of, you know, generating interest, and, ABC down the road comes along and swoops it up.

Now there's a number of ways in which we can retarget people. 

Number 1... Retarget

The first one is we can retarget people that have visited your website using the Facebook Pixel. And we can retarget them dependent on what pages they've visited, how long they spent on your site, what actions they've taken. So you can even separate that website traffic out into different audiences, and make sure that you're really targeting the people that have shown significant interest. You know, that might be people that have submitted an application form, or an inquiry form. 

Number 2...Engage with your own adverts

The second way we can retarget people is based on them engaging with your Facebook page or your Instagram profile or even just any piece of content or advert that you have served from either of those profiles.

And we can also retarget people based on videos they may have watched from your Facebook or Instagram accounts. And we can do that based on the length of time that they've watched that video for. So, we might want to concentrate on people that have watched over 75% of a video, for example. 

Number 3...custom audiences

The third way, and one of the most important ways, we can retarget people, is using custom audiences. So, again, whether or not you've been running any paid traffic or paid marketing or not, if you've still been generating inquiries, and, again, in particular with what we do, it's finance applications, I imagine that like a lot of people out there, one of the common objections at the moment has been that somebody has applied and they want to be able to go and see the car before they purchase it, and delivery isn't really an option for them, or, they've just changed their mind because of the uncertainty of everything that's going on.

But these people have shown interest and they've filled in, in most cases, quite a lengthy application form in order to express their interest. It's daft to sort of throw those away now for somebody else to come along and potentially swoop them up. My suggestion is to get that data into Facebook as custom audiences and start to retarget and start to re-engage with those people because that's the really low-hanging fruit at the moment, it's people that have maybe applied or inquired recently, but wanted to come down and see a car or, wanted to wait until certain restrictions were lifted, or they knew that their jobs were going to be safe. 

Number 4...dynamic retargeting

And then, finally, one of the more technical or advanced ways in which we can retarget people is if you've got a stock feed from your website into a catalogue in Facebook, we can run dynamic retargeting ads where we, you know, if somebody views one particular car, we can retarget them with an ad about that car but also similar vehicles that are in different vehicle sets. 

And one last thing I wanted to mention was in regards to messaging, particularly for retargeting, but this also applies for just your general adverts or content in general, people have had enough of the C-word now, it's being crammed down they're throat all day, every day, and I feel like the advertisers that are going to sort of go against that now, are really going to be the ones that win. 

So, keep your messaging really positive. People want that light at the end of the tunnel, they want to be excited about getting their freedom back. You know, it's no surprise that I've seen a lot of people now starting to book holidays for next year and so on and so forth. 

So that's the type of messaging that you really want to tap into, the positivity, the fact that people will soon be able to get outdoors in some way shape or form. 

So if you've not set up any retargeting campaigns yet or you don't know how to do this, let us know, we'd be more than happy to give you some advice and help you out. Again, with regards to your messaging, keep things really positive and look to the future. 

And again, if you want any help with Facebook campaigns for your business, or understanding what that looks like for you in the current climate, we'd be more than happy to give you some advice so just send us a message.

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