How We BEAT Coronavirus! 😷🦠🥊

In this video, we talk about how we ACED Coronavirus Marketing! We walk through each step on how to generate sales even in the worst of times, through Facebook Ads. If you want to know more or generate MORE LEADS with genuine intent.

We explain different types of UGC, how to create UGC, and much more.

UGC is one of the main things that will rebuild your consumer's trust to buy a car from you.

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Hi, I'm Jon Wilson from SocialTap. We help car dealers and finance brokers generate more leads and sell more cars on Facebook. And today, I'm going to talk to you about UGC, or user-generated content.

Now, UGC is the process of getting customers to create content that you then use for posts, ads, or any sort of marketing campaigns.

Typically, it's about the customer explaining the process of using your service or the experience they've had or actually using your product. In particular, with businesses in the auto industry, it will ultimately mean the process of engaging with you and ultimately buying a car.

Typically, this content comes in the form of images and videos.

Videos are obviously great because you can hear the experience first-hand from the customer.

So it's important these videos aren't polished.

We don't want your sort of TV-style production videos. We want to be shot with a smartphone in a sort of selfie-style, and that customer not to be prompted in any way whatsoever, for them really to just explain the experience of working with you and how you've helped them out.

The reason why this is important is because it gives potential buyers confidence.

And there are very few people that want to be pioneers, you know, the first people to do things. They want to see that other people have done it, and then they'll follow.

And user-generated content allows you to create that perception, or that reality.

This is even more important at the moment, with where we're currently at, still in the sort of middle of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The process of buying cars is changing, and whether we like it or not, we are moving more towards that sort of distance buying model. You know, even if you are buying from a company that's 20 miles down the road from you, people will like the convenience of being able to buy a car over the phone or via a website and get the car delivered.

It's not to say that car dealerships are going to disappear altogether, but at the moment, that process is accelerating. It's becoming more and more common.

Now, it's something that maybe a lot of people aren't particularly familiar with, and maybe feel a little bit uncomfortable about, so user-generated content really allows you to de-risk your customers.

People want to negate the risk, and they don't want to be the first people, like we mentioned earlier on. So if you're showing that there are other people doing this right now and that the process has been great and there's been no problems with it and they've had a great customer service, and actually, it can even be better than having to go through dealer to dealer, kicking the tyres of different cars, and they can actually purchase a car from the couch, well you're actually showing that it could be a better way of doing things.

But that is better coming from a customer, rather than you telling it to people.

So you're able to de-risk your customers by showing them that there are other people doing this right now. And your UGC video could look something like this.

"Just want to say a big thank you to Swiss Toni Finance, sorting out my car. Applied about a week ago, didn't really know what car I wanted. Filled out a short application form, and within an hour or so, they got back to me, saying I was approved, even though I have had some credit problems in the past. So I was really thankful for that. And then a few days later, some free delivery, got a car right to my doorstep, and I can't thank them enough."

So when you're asking clients to create these videos for you, also think about who you want to do these videos.

You know, obviously you want someone that is going to give you a glowing reference and say what a great experience they've had, but also, think about the different demographics and how that's going to resonate with new potential clients.

Now, from my point of view, I want to see that you have helped my exact set of circumstances.

If you've helped someone that is in my circumstances looking for a similar car, that completely de-risks the situation because I will think, well you've helped him, so you can help me.

Now, you need to think about all the different demographics that you want to target. And ideally, you want to try and get videos from people that fit those demographics.

So you might want to get one from a young female.

You might want to get one from a family.

You might want to get someone who's got bad credit.

You might want to get someone who needed a car really quickly.

All these different scenarios. If you can get videos from as many of those as possible, when you're targeting people with ads using those videos, you can get very specific, and then the person who is being served the advert will go, well yeah, they've helped that person in the same circumstances as me, so there's no reason why they can't help me out to get a new car, as well.

So again, this is a big thing for marketing, in general.

They work fantastic for ads. We're running a lot of campaigns for our clients at the moment, and the numbers are great. The quality is exceptional, as well, because already, you're breaking down those trust barriers.

Again, it's not like they've just seen some generic advert out there advertising a car.

They're being shown the experience that someone has received from a real customer, not some actor, or not being told from somebody who works within the business.

So if you need any help with how to create some user-generated content, and the type of things that you should include, feel free to get in contact with us.

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