How To Get Your Customers To Sell For You! 🚙

Now, this may sound a bit uneducated, but there is some truth in this, customers might just be your best salesperson, you just don't know it yet.

But I’m going to tell you so chill your beans.

If you’re not already doing this, then what do you think you’re doing?

I think you know where I’m going with this, firstly you’ll need some sort of directories like Trustpilot, Yell or just Google reviews.

Before we get into the fat juicy stuff, I’ll tell you why you should be doing this. Well, it is pretty straight forward…

One reason is your social proof. If you’ve got a product or service, shall we say car finance, that people are already sceptical about, especially financing a car, when potential customers see that other people love the product, it’ll push them that extra step to enquire or purchase.

Another reason is that it’s easy, simple as that. If you’ve got a good relationship with your customers then it shouldn’t be too hard to ask them to write a couple of nice sentences.

Also, having good reviews will increase your SEO, especially if you use Google Reviews. Google will rank you higher than your competition when then search ‘car finance’ or something.

Okay, now to the juicy stuff.

How to get your customer to sell.

Really it’s all about optimizing the reviews. First, you need to get the reviews, this can be through asking them in person after purchase, or getting your customer list and send them a nicely worded email.  

Then fingers crossed if they actually like you, you’ll get a nice review that you show off.

This comes onto nicely to my next point - what you do next with this sick reviews.

So there are a few options that we can do, one is organically bragging. So you know, posting it on your Facebook or Insta. But, don’t count on this because unless you have a nice big following then they won’t get many transactions. But if you do then post away.  

So, if you’re like the majority, you won’t have a cult following so you’ll turn to… drum roll, please…


Wow who would’ve guessed that it’s not like we band on about it every 5 minutes?

Anyway, I’ll continue to bang on about them.

We’ve found that including Trustpilot into our ads, along with the customer photos, have been working really well in terms of approval percentages and payouts.

People like to see this, it’ll give them comfort, reassurance that this isn’t just a Somalian Prince wanting to scam you. You get what I mean.

Turning your reviews into good creatives ain't easy. So check out our last blog so we can show you how it's done. 👉 5 Simple Tips For Eye-Catching Creatives 👀

Trust me, focusing on your testimonials is the easiest way to start generating better results.

A nice and short blog for yall, so hope you enjoyed.

If you want a🔥🔥🔥 Facebook Ads, then you know who to contact!

Written By Alex Turner

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