How To Advertise On FB During A Global Pandemic! 😷

Just in case, you didn’t know 2020 has been an utter kill joy all because of Coronavirus! So how do we advertise on Facebook when the world has gone to shit!

In this blog, we will tell you our 3 HOT tips for advertising on Facebook during a global pandemic.

Demographic Targeting

In your campaigns, you should be targeting different specific demographics Families, Females, young drivers etc...

When targeting a particular demographic your campaign should reflect your target audience, whether this is by ad copy or creative for example, promoting family favourite cars such as a Nissan Qashqai or a Kia Sportage to a family audience.

This will help you to get leads in as the ads see more tailored to them when they see it, without coming across too creepy.

Reviews / UGC Ads

Test using your customers in your ad’s! We all know a Karen that just loves to comment hate on our ads, so lets shut her up with positive client feedback. This also helps people applying to remember your brand and builds brand credibility. It also reassures the buyer that they will get a similar experience. We have also seen with clients that UGC and review campaigns get great social engagement helping to build up that social proof which will ultimately help bring down the CPL.


Right now is a crazy time and with Facebook algorithms forever changing and competitors taking advantage of the extra traffic online you need to stand out from the crowd. Have a quirky idea that’s maybe a bit risky? - try it! Make people want to get involved and to stop to read your ad, this will more likely lead to a lead than boring ads.

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A nice and short blog for yall, so hope you enjoyed.

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Written By Alex Turner

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