How Much Should You Spend On Your Website? 💸

So, this is the age-old question that everyone asks themselves when they’re creating their website, then they just search it on Google, like me.

 But after hours of scrolling through shitty websites that tell you nothing, I’ve decided to give you a straightforward answer. Don’t worry the headline isn’t clickbait, I will actually tell you, in time though, as they say, all things come to those who wait. 

If you spend next to nothing on your website then don’t lie to yourself, it will be shit. 

Therefore, you will end up spending more and more on your advertising because of the lack of leads, when really the website will be the problem. 

I know you’re thinking “why would I spend more on a website when my ads are generating a decent amount of leads?” Trust me, don’t say that. 

By doing this it will be a short-term solution and they will dry up soon. Having a spine-tingling website will create leads for the long-term as well as the short-term.

Firstly, here are some reasons for having a good website:

1. Present your work and expertise

2. Generate leads (the key to happiness)

3. Build a reputation or show it off

4. Sell online

If you want to be a stingy bastard, then feel free to find them sites that offer free websites designs and templates. But if you are smart then you will realise there’s always a catch. They will either advertise themselves, or you will have to start paying a monthly fee. Which defeats the object of you being a stingy bastard.

All this depends on the size of your business, a small company isn’t going to fork out their year’s revenue for their site. What I’m trying to say is that you need to set reasonable budgets and stick by them.

If your companies’ priorities lie elsewhere, I strongly suggest that you sort your shit out and put ‘a great website’ at the top of your priority list.

Let me actually get into it instead of me chatting nonsense for another few paragraphs.

Hang on tight, it may get confusing.

So, let’s take two websites: Website A and Website B, and we say that ‘A’ spends £200 on building their website. But they have taken the cheapest route possible with no browser or device testing.

Whereas ‘B’ has spent around £2,000 on their design agency, they have done a lot more research and testing. Which is much more likely to help achieve their objectives, such as a higher conversion rate or more leads etc.

The website designers have taken this into consideration and are wanting to create something that will achieve whatever objectives they have set.  

This will come in handy when it comes to advertising.

Both of the two websites spend £1000 on their advertising, ‘A’ will get 100 sales/leads but ‘B’ will get 400. That will convert to £10 per lead for ‘A’ and £2.50 per lead for ‘B’.

Therefore website ‘A’ will be spending four times as much on their advertising. Just because they don’t want to make that extra investment into a better website. 

Are you still with me?

The truth is I can’t just tell you how much you should spend on your website. I don’t know what factors contribute to it, plus I’m not an expert.

The most important thing to take away from this fascinating read, is many industry consultants recommend spending about 10-12% of your gross revenue on marketing and advertising. This should include your website spend, so really it all can depend on your firms’ inflows.

But what I do suggest is that, if you don’t have a lot of gross revenue then spend more on your website. Rather than forking out loads for ‘brand awareness’ or some shit. 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this and learnt something.

Trust me, focusing on your testimonials is the easiest way to start generating better results. 

A nice and short blog for yall, so hope you enjoyed.

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Written By Alex Turner

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