Best automotive social media campaigns

You're finally thinking of utilising social media for your automotive marketing campaigns! That's fantastic! Now you're thinking... where do I start?

Well, I'll help you, that's why I'm here writing this. I did the research for you - no I'm not calling you lazy. I'm making your life easier by researching the best automotive social media campaigns for you to give you a clue on which marketing campaigns are poppin' out there.

So, buckle up!

Chevrolet - "Best Day Ever" campaign.

This campaign must have been the most successful and memorable for everyone. Chevrolet, owning the hashtag #BestDayEver, they managed to pull off one of their biggest campaigns on Youtube.

It was an 8 hour livestream - who has 8 hours, you ask? - featuring many celebrities, athletes and Youtube influencers. The best part? It was livestreamed on April Fool's day, so you best believe that the event included good, funny pranks and not mean ones. Entertainment and advertising was at the forefront.

A lot of famous people were involved, creating an engaging automotive advert and generating 1.5 billion impressions on social media!

Volvo XC60 - "Moments" campaign.

As a marketer or car dealer selling cars online, you know all about emotional marketing. Appealing to your customers' emotions through your marketing campaigns is well-known method of pulling some heart strings and being memorable. Isn't that the goal for every business after all?!

The purpose of this automotive social media campaign of Volvo XC60 was to launch this new car in the market and create a memorable impact online.

The campaign launched as a TV advert, influencing viewers' emotions on car accidents. The main message of the car ad is that there are a lot of traffic accidents that cause death but Volvo offers a solution, which is their new safety system. The audience can clearly see the impact safety has in the automotive industry.

This automotive campaign serves to solve a problem, and that is car accidents. What it also does is that it tugs on the emotions of the viewer for the promotion of the car and its new safety features effectively.

Mustang – “Speed Dating” campaign.

Who doesn't like a bit of a creative and edgy social media campaign?

This Ford Mustang one launched on Youtube again as it was made to be funny, engaging and quite frankly it stirred the pot! Why? Because the roles were reversed and the woman was driving! The woman was a professional speed driver, and rather the man showing her how to drive, she showed him!

Through humour, this video car campaign's performance managed to generate 12.8 million on Youtube.

Marketing videos of automotives are more successful and engaging in advertising when humour is used.

Porsche - #DreamsAreMadeAtHome campaign.

Porsche used Instagram for their own social media campaign, increasing awareness and building trust.

Using the hashtag #DreamsAreMadeAtHome on Instagram, Porsche encouraged car owners to take a picture of their car in its garage 'that it calls home' and post it to them. The message behind this campaign was to raise awareness on that 'we're all in this together' as it was the start of Covid.

Any brand of car was also invited to participate in this marketing campaign, which not many car brands do - supporting competitors. But many brands such as Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW got involved, with Porsche reposting their cars on their Instagram.

Inclusive marketing campaigns are always a success.

As you can see, digital campaigning online for automotives can be very rewarding for your car dealership. Get in touch with us and we'll sort you out in a jiffy with your own automotive marketing campaign!

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