4 Ways to Increase Your Approval Rating ✅

Approval rating, some people love it some people hate it.

Whatever you’re feelings are towards it, it’s a metric that can make you have a sick month or a shit one.

But we’ve got a little trick up our sleeve, that we’re willing to share with you. How exciting.

Right, let’s get straight into it, no beating around the bush.


This is probably the most obvious one, but it’s also the most important one. Within the ad set, Facebook gives you the option to target so many different demographics, including behaviours, geographical, industries, values, the list goes on. So considering that, can you guess what I’m about to say next?

You use industry targeting to target people with stable jobs or higher income. These people tend to have a better credit score. Yes, that might be a bit stereotypical, sue me.

So when it comes round to them applying, they should be accepted fingers crossed 🤞

Lookalike Audiences (LAL)

If you’ve read our blogs before then you already know what a lookalike audience. But if you’re a SocialTap blog virgin then I’ll tell you what a LAL is. You can create a custom audience within Facebook, for example, approved audience or website traffic. After that, it’ll you an option to give tp create a LAL audience, press it and then you can choose the percentage. Bear in the mind (1%-5%) is the closest you’ll get to your custom audience.

This comes hand in hand with retargeting, but I won't bore you with that in this blog. That's Callum's job in our last blog 😉

Conditional Logic Application

You might be reading this and say to yourself... *insert ‘wtf’ giphy*

But not to fear, Alex ‘The Apprentice’ is here!

So when you’re sending people to your landing page or website, the form that they will complete will have to have some editing done.

This will be steps like ‘how much do you earn?’ or ‘how long have they been at their current job’. If you editing the form so that if they have a number less than your desired one, then they’ll be sent to a ‘ sorry not sorry’ page, id you have one that is.


This is probably the easiest variable or you to change, it’s all on your hands. You can filter your copy with whatever you’re wanting the applicant to be. For example “✅ Over £1,200 monthly Income ✅ At least credit band C”. Ya see you decide what level of the applicant.

But be aware that this may bump your cost per lead up, you’ll be getting the top of the pile kinda stuff so no room for cheap leads that’ll do nothing.

It sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

So I’ve given you some easy ways to improve your approval rating, now all there is to do is to go away and try and do it yourself.


If you want a🔥🔥🔥 Facebook Ads, then you know who to contact!

Written By Alex Turner

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