4 Secrets About Selling Cars On Facebook 🚘

4 secrets about selling cars on Facebook’ sounds like the holy grail doesn’t it.

And it sort of is, not because of this blog, but because you’ve found us, and we are the holy grail of selling cars on Facebook.

Sounds cocky, not bothered because it’s true.

So you might have been click bated into this, especially with that mega title. But I will be telling you 4 points about selling cars on FB your competitors don't want you to know. They’re just not secret.

Anyway enough waffling, here they are.

Facebook Targeting

So targeting is pretty obvious innit, and it’s pretty broad so I’ll explain a little more.

With targeting, you can easily improve your approval rating, not many think this but it’s true.

What you’ll do is target specific job that historically has well paid and ‘intelligent’ employees. For example, doctors, accountants, CEO”s etc. you get the point.

Therefore, the applicant is a lot more likely to have a better credit rating.

Facebook Lookalikes

This kinda goes with the last mega point I made. It’s targeting pretty much.

But there’s a difference.

With a lookalike audience, you can create an audience that is a lookalike to your past approvals. Facebook will match up similarities, interests etc.

This is gonna put a spike in your approvals.

facebook Creative

We’ve found gems in terms of creatives that work wonders, and we’re about to spill the tea sis’.

One thing is UGC. You know we’ve talked about this, so read our blog all about it.

Another bit of creative is using real car images and using terms like ‘get this car’. Yes, using cars from the internet will make the design look nice. But do you want a nice looking design or do you want results?

When people see real images, they can see the car for what it really is. Instead of a polished up Aston Martin that they’re never gonna get.

Cost Per Lead ain’t shit

People will be reading this gasping saying ‘Santa maria’.

But chill, let me explain.

This will obviously depend on your industry. But for car finance, the cot per lead isn’t the metrics we’re sweating over.

The metrics you want to be looking at are:

The real metrics.

We see so many people make changes to their campaigns, just because their cost per has increased by a quid.

Look at the real metrics before making a decision.

Hope you enjoyed.

If you want 🔥🔥🔥 Facebook Ads, then you know who to contact!

Written By Alex Turner

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