4 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Work for Car Dealerships

You have a car and it's ready to be sold. But where do you start with its advertising?

Please don't tell me the radio or the newspaper... I have a better solution for you. 

Let me tell you that once you start with Facebook advertising, you won't go back! It's even better than Google advertising, and cheaper!

You wanna know why? Keep on reading our 4 reasons why Facebook ads work for car dealerships. 

1) Facebook and Instagram drive search and sales.

Believe it or not, Facebook is still much alive and thriving. Apparently, millennials have ditched the platform for Snapchat and Tik Tok but still go back to it for shopping. AND shopping for cars👀

Have you heard of its new marketplace?! Everyone is selling their stuff over there!

Imagine now what Facebook can do for your car dealership business...

Social media platforms are now THE place to buy and sell products and services, particularly for car dealerships as they can generate a lot of leads through paid ads as well as easy sales and website views. Car sales are not easy to achieve if you're not online and advertising on social media anymore, so make your life easier and hop on the new trend too!

Brand awareness is a must now, as is Facebook advertising.

2) You can reach new potential customers. 

Long gone are the days where car dealers were advertising their business on the radio or on printed ads. That's long. Now everyone is online, glued to their phone screens innit? 

And that's exactly where you should be too! Facebook advertising will help you reach quickly and efficiently not only your target audience - aka those who are looking for a car - but also those who are thinking of getting one but are not yet convinced - aka leads. 

Higher leads, more sales and brand awareness! Can I get an amen?!

3) Your ads are more targeted and dead cheap!

You literally create targeted automotive Facebook ads for those who are interested in buying a car. No more fuffing about with the marketing and marketing strategy!

Facebook lets you create ads on its social media page, exactly how you want them to be and for a low price. Paid ads are dead cheap on there compared to Google.

Leads and local buyers are going to come to your business to either visit your automotive website and have a look, or actually go through the purchase funnel and reach buyer status. 

4) The buying process couldn't be easier. 

Car shoppers and potential customers couldn't have a much easier user experience and service than this. Facebook advertising can help dealerships be a success as the advertising is not only tailored to an interested audience but also makes it easy to look for a car online!

Car sales are higher on social media because the user experience is more seamless as well as potential buyers go down the purchase funnel quicker than Alice in Wonderland! 

How it happens is the car dealer showcases his wide variety of cars on Facebook through paid advertising, leads click on those, they read through the car description on the website and go from awareness to evaluation and purchase.

Seems straightforward, right?

I hope you've reached this far, and you didn't get bored out of your mind. But I do hope you had a cheeky laugh and a think while reading this!

You know how to contact us for your next car ad! 🤩

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